, Xining, November 28th, title: The flower of East-West collaborative education in Qinghai, Jiangsu Province has come to fruition in the ancient capital of Nanliang

  Author Lok Hin Cheung Tim Fook

  Educational assistance is undoubtedly the most effective way to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

  From the water towns in the south of the Yangtze River to the Hehuang Valley on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, and Ledu District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province are closely connected through the cooperation between the east and the west.

  In Ledu District, Haidong City, using the Donglin School aided and built by Wuxi City as a platform, the two places deepened their pairing assistance, allowing educational cooperation to blossom and bear fruit in this hot land of the ancient capital of Nanliang.

  "Although our teaching time is limited, I hope to impart more knowledge to the children in the limited time, ignite their desire to learn, and lay the foundation for their lifelong learning." Hu Zheng, a teaching teacher and other teaching staff This is what the teacher said when communicating.

The picture shows students in Ledu District, Haidong City playing sports.

(Data map) Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Ledu District Committee

  In August this year, under the leadership of Hu Zheng, six volunteer teachers from Xishan High School Experimental School in Huishan District, Wuxi City came to Ledu Donglin School for a one-year teaching support.

  Affected by the epidemic, several supporting teachers can only conduct online teaching.

Hu Zheng, as the leader of the English subject in Wuxi, fully studied the teaching materials according to the characteristics of students and online teaching, and focused on stimulating students' interest in English learning.

  Although it is online teaching, Hu Zheng’s group of “unseen” students are looking forward to English class every day, because the children can not only learn standard pronunciation and intonation from his class, but also learn many things outside the classroom. Knowledge.

  It is understood that in order to further promote the level of school-running and improve the quality of teaching, the Experimental School of Xishan High School in Huishan District will select 6 teaching backbones with strong ability and rich teaching experience every year to Donglin School in the form of "group-style" assistance. Support education.

  At the same time, the assistance work is centered on Donglin School and promoted to all schools in Ledu District, and the resources of Huishan teachers in Donglin School to carry out assistance work are brought into full play as much as possible, forming a distinctive and bright east and west Education collaboration brand.

  In order to promote the professional growth of young teachers, supporting teachers pair up to help local young teachers and provide a platform for new teachers to grow rapidly.

At the same time, a "one-to-one" assistance agreement was signed, and 16 teachers from Xishan Senior High School Experimental School paired up with teachers from Donglin School, using online communication methods such as air classrooms and WeChat interaction to give demonstration classes, give lectures, and listen to and evaluate classes , Promote each other and improve together in education management, teaching philosophy, teaching methods and other aspects.

  Donglin School, as an educational demonstration project of cooperation between the east and the west, has effectively solved the problem of schooling for the children of more than 3,400 households in 11 townships, including Qilidian resettlement area in Ledu District and Zhongba Township resettlement area.

  "The school is right at the gate of the community. It is very convenient for children to go to school offline. The school environment is very good, with a library, music room, dance room, and sports field. It is incomparable with the school in the village before." Chen Zhiwei is a relocated resident of Zhuanhuawan Village, Luhua Township, Ledu District. After moving into the Qilidian resettlement community, he was filled with emotion when he saw the school built in front of his house.

  "During offline teaching, what makes our parents even more gratified is that the school cafeteria provides heart-warming lunches for children in different ways every day, and distributes loving fruits, which solves the problem of parents working outside and not being able to go home on time to cook for their children at noon. Question. I hope the children will cherish the excellent learning conditions and grow up here happily." Chen Zhiwei said with a smile on his face.

  Across thousands of miles, mountains and seas are deeply in love.

Since the cooperation between the east and the west, the two districts of Huishan and Ledu have deepened cooperation, vigorously implemented education and training projects, enhanced the professional quality of teachers, and continuously improved the "soft power" of education. A total of 11 million yuan has been invested to train more than 800 teachers.

  This year, Huishan District made further efforts to support education, investing 3 million yuan in cooperative assistance funds to implement the smart education project for rural schools, and built 97 sets of smart education equipment and 97 sets of smart teaching assistant equipment for 8 schools including Gaomiao Middle School in Ledu District.

Invested 4.11 million yuan in cooperation and assistance funds to implement the new project of Jiawan School and build and improve the school infrastructure.

At the same time, 1.2 million yuan was invested to implement the two-way exchange project of outstanding educational talents, and carried out activities such as two-way exchange of excellent teachers in Huishan and Ledu districts, on-the-job training, educational experience exchange and subject training, etc., to strengthen exchanges and learning between the two places. A total of 74 teachers were sent to Huishan District for training and study.

  At the same time, the two places actively guide various social forces such as enterprises, non-profit organizations, associations and chambers of commerce, and caring people to support Ledu District's education.

  During the period, Xishan High School Experimental School cooperated with Donglin School to carry out the activity of "East and West Hand in Hand, Passing Love and Grow Together", and raised 49,000 yuan to some students from families of Donglin School through the charity sale.

  Under the support of teaching teachers, caring entrepreneurs in Huishan District established the "Huai Ai" Education Fund, donating 70,000 yuan of love to solve the lunch expenses of 50 needy students for a year, and promised to provide long-term assistance until the students Ninth grade graduate.

In addition, Huishan District "Blue Ribbon" public welfare organization and Huishan Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau donated 35,000 yuan for lunch for 25 needy students in the school for a year, and Huishan Women's Federation also donated clothing worth 430,000 yuan to the students.

  The joint efforts of the governments of the two places, the unremitting efforts of the local teachers, and the care and love thousands of miles away, the supporting teachers said that this explained the deep friendship between the east and the west under the cooperation mechanism between the east and the west. In the future, it is hoped that the two places will establish A closer pairing and helping relationship allows students to let their ideals fly here.