Metallica is back with new music!

The most influential metal band in history have announced the upcoming release of their 12th studio album, the first since 2016. Produced by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, as well as Greg Fidelman,

72 Seasons

is due to land worldwide on April 14, 2023.

It is preceded by the single

Lux Aeterna

, already available and released by surprise on streaming platforms.

Listening, we understand that it is a return to the sources of the group's formation: a raw, energetic, old school metal, in which resonates what could be the group's slogan "Full Speed ​​or Nothing". , or “Full Speed ​​or Nothing”.

A reference to the lyrics of


, the mythical title of their first album,

Kill Em All

, released in 1983.

The circle is complete ?

As for the meaning of the title,

72 Seasons

, instead of leaving fans to guess, the singer and frontman of the group revealed all in the press release that accompanies the good news.

“72 seasons.

The first 18 years of our life that form our true or false us.

The concept that our parents told us "who we are".

The possibility of being pigeonholed according to the type of personality that we are.

I think the most interesting part of it all is the continued study of these core beliefs and how they affect our perception of the world today.

Much of our adult experience is a re-enactment or reaction to these childhood experiences.

Prisoners of childhood or freeing ourselves from these bonds that we carry, ”explained James Hetfield.

On the road

This isn't the only big announcement for metalheads and other edgy music fans, as Metallica already have their world tour dates.

Right after the release of

72 Seasons

, the band planned several giant concerts in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Sweden (the city was not specified).

The musicians will of course stop by Paris with two dates at the Stade de France, on May 17 and 19.

They then made an appointment in North America from August to November 2023, before returning to Europe in 2024 and setting out again for the American continent.

A journey that should last until September 2024.

And as two good news is worse than three, Metallica also announced that aficionados who don't want to miss a thing will have two dates at each stage of their tour to come and see them.

Each show will have a different setlist.

It will therefore even be possible to attend both dates without having the impression of reliving the same show.


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