The withdrawal will have been short.

Fnac announced Tuesday to resume the sale of the board game "Antifa", withdrawn the day before from the shelves after criticism on Twitter came in particular from the far right, believing that it contained "nothing likely to justify a refusal to sell it. market”.

"This weekend, the Fnac teams were alerted by our customers about the Antifa game, which had not been referenced at group level, but which certain Fnac stores had decided to put on the shelves, as they have freedom,” the distributor explained in a statement.

On Sunday, the union of national police commissioners (SCPN) criticized Fnac, accusing it of "highlighting antifas, who break, set fire to and attack during demonstrations".

Several elected RNs had also challenged the distributor on this game created by the site “La Horde” and published by Libertalia editions.

“In-depth” analysis

“Not knowing the exact content of this game and pending a thorough verification, our teams have decided as a precaution to suspend the sale”, explains Fnac on Tuesday.

“Since yesterday, we have taken the time to analyze the content of the game in depth (…) and we have been able to observe that it did not contain anything likely to justify a refusal to market it”, indicated the distributor.

Fnac has therefore "decided to lift the suspension and resume the sale of the game", "in accordance with its mission as a cultural broadcaster which markets everything authorized by law, in the spirit which has always been its freedom and diversity”.

Sold out

On its website, the publisher presents "Antifa the game" as "a simulation and management game in which you bring a local antifascist group to life" by implementing "actions that will require your time, resources, and a bit of organization.

The affair gave this little-known game a new spotlight, so much so that Libertalia indicated on Monday afternoon that the new edition of the game for sale on its site was sold out.

The publisher, who had denounced “false allegations emanating from the far right”, specified Tuesday on its site to have launched a reprint and to be able to deliver new copies in January.


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