A 44-year-old doctor in Kokubunji, Tokyo, was arrested for trying to withdraw approximately ¥19 million in cash from the bank account of a patient in his 90s who died.

Investigators say he denies the charges.

Misako Murakami, real name, Misako Kikuchi (44), a doctor who worked at a hospital in Kokubunji, Tokyo, was arrested.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, there is suspicion of attempted fraud for attempting to illegally withdraw approximately 19 million yen in cash from the bank account of a female patient in her 90s who died in July.

The woman was admitted to the hospital in June this year, and Dr. Kikuchi was in charge of internal medicine, but she died of old age about a week later.

According to the investigation so far, the doctor submitted documents with her passbook and signature forged at the bank window, but the staff who were suspicious due to their apparent age did not approve the withdrawal.

Furthermore, on the same day, he visited the window again with the younger sister of the deceased woman, pretending to be a woman and tried to withdraw, but the bank reported to the Metropolitan Police Department because her sister's cognitive function was declining. That's it.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, in response to the investigation, he denied the charges, saying, "I just went to the bank at the request of my sister. I didn't know it was wrong to withdraw the deposit of a dead person." is.

After this incident, the doctor was adopted by the woman's sister and her surname changed, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.