[Explanation] "Safety is the shortest way home", such a sentence was posted upstairs in the Jinan City Vehicle Management Office, and also posted in the safety education classroom for new drivers, and it was deeply engraved in the "vehicle management" Lao Hou" in his heart.

Recently, the reporter came to Jinan Vehicle Management Office and listened to the "Old Hou of Vehicle Management" - Hou Deng'an, a policeman in charge of pre-license education and oath for new drivers in Jinan City Vehicle Management Office, and a celebrity in the Jinan Vehicle Management Industry. The story behind the sentence.

  [Same period] Hou Dengan, Senior Sergeant of Jinan Vehicle Management Office

  "Peace is the shortest way home", this is a sentence I summed up in war-torn countries.

It was the beginning of (20)06, I went to Haiti (peacekeeping), I was an advance team, jet lag was not reversed, I was in a daze preparing for a meeting, my buttocks were not seated, and the gunshots nearby I felt that this kind of war, this kind of threat, and even death were waiting for you, so I sighed, took out a notebook, and wrote "fate" on the first page, and then sometimes I often went out to perform tasks, sometimes Thinking about such a dangerous environment, can you still go home?

My eyes are confused, where is my home, so I said a word inadvertently, Ping An is the shortest way home.

  [Explanation] "You are not driving a car, but your life." This is also a saying that Hou Deng'an often said. In his view, traffic accidents are the war around everyone.

  [Same period] Hou Dengan, Senior Sergeant of Jinan Vehicle Management Office

  Traffic accidents are the closest to you in peacetime, and wars and battlefields without gunpowder are around you.

Why do you say that it is defined as a war, because the Ministry of Public Security has statistics every year, and the average number of people killed in traffic accidents on the road is about 80,000. A local war cannot kill so many people.

And this kind of war is (from) everyone very close.

  [Explanation] It has been 11 years since Hou Deng'an taught the safety education class. From the beginning when he didn't know how to speak to the applause now, he has managed to give this 30-minute class well.

Many people's eyes were red when they said that it was happiness to see their parents when they returned home safely.

  [Concurrent] Lu Zhaohua, a citizen of Jinan

  Police officer Hou spoke so well, he deeply felt the importance of this life, even when he talked about the old man, (safely) and saw the old man crying when he came home, the special (empathy) was that I couldn’t restrain it Tears fell down, and I felt the feeling of the old man looking forward to the child's return home, so I really need to be more careful when driving, not only for myself, but also for my family on the road.

  [Explanation] Hou Dengan believes that he can teach this class well, on the one hand, because of his peacekeeping experience, he has a strong sense of responsibility to call on new drivers to pay attention to safety; on the other hand, he is good at observing life and thinking, so he can Discover what new drivers really want to hear.

  [Same period] Hou Dengan, Senior Sergeant of Jinan Vehicle Management Office

  There are more than 2 million people who listen to my lectures on site. Can you think of any teacher who has such an opportunity, hundreds of people a day, and sometimes thousands of people in a class.

Then after listening to my class, they took applause, wrote down my words, appeared on the road, and appeared in life. What a sense of accomplishment.

I teach four classes a day, and I haven’t had a break for several years on public holidays. Why am I still happy?


Because of the applause of the people, because it is them, not only the applause but also a sense of accomplishment. As a public official and the people's police, you (get) this kind of love from the people, which is the success of a people's policeman.

  Qi Jianyue reports from Jinan, Shandong

Responsible editor: [Song Yusheng]