The Japanese government has designated fire ants, which are highly venomous and feared to have settled in Japan, as alien species requiring urgent action, and has decided to strengthen countermeasures.

Fire ants, an alien species, were first confirmed in Japan five years ago, and more than 10,000 were found in a container unloaded at Fukuyama Port in Hiroshima Prefecture last month. .

Since the number of confirmed cases is on the rise, the government has determined that fire ants are "at the last minute that they are likely to become established in Japan", and based on the revised Invasive Alien Species Act, it is necessary to urgently deal with fire ants if they are found. We have decided to designate it as a specific alien species to be dealt with.

From April next year, if fire ants are found in imported goods or in the port where they landed, the government will be able to conduct inspections after customs clearance, prohibit the movement of goods, dispose of them, and order disinfection of facilities.

In addition, it is a policy to strengthen measures such as requesting business operators who handle imported goods to assign a person in charge to report to the government if a living thing that may be a fire ant is confirmed.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, if you are stung by a fire ant, you will feel a burning pain, and there have been cases of death due to allergic reactions overseas. We are calling for consultation with local governments.