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  Every Chinese who lives hard is the most beautiful struggler.

It is precisely because of the hundreds of millions of strugglers that China is today.

Ten years, pay tribute to every one of you who have struggled.

Let us work hard together for the new era, and never slack in the future.

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  [Explanation] A beautiful guzheng solo, although a simple demonstration in the piano room, is still refreshing.

The strength of Jia Xiaoli, an associate professor at Shenyang Conservatory of Music, can be seen. The man standing behind her is named Li Mao, and now he is planning to hold a unique performance with Jia Xiaoli.

In the past ten years, Li Mao has cooperated with many artists. Now in Shenyang, the performances he directed are very popular in the market. The combination of multiple arts, the "three-dimensional art" created by Li Mao and his team is refreshing.

  [Commentary] Li Mao has studied dance and folk music successively. After graduating from Shenyang Conservatory of Music, he has traveled around the world, visited hundreds of museums and art galleries across China, and enjoyed thousands of cultural performances.

In 2013, he put his years of knowledge in a 20-square-meter hut and began to build an "art palace" for himself and his friends.

Since then, Li Mao's team has been continuously upgraded, and the art space has moved from 20 square meters to 200 square meters, and now it is 400 square meters.

During this process, Li Mao also encountered the most troublesome problem in the past ten years.

  [Concurrent] Ten Minutes Culture and Art Space Manager Li Mao

  After it (the art space) is suddenly enlarged ten times, it has more time for commercial presentation.

It was placed in another environment, and at that time there were some constraints.

That is, you have to open the door every day, so you have to hire some friends to help you look at the door. When we had no money in the early stage, everyone, I have many assistants to help me look at it for a whole year, and watch it every day for free. In fact, the pressure will be very high.

  [Explanation] After ten years, in Li Mao's view, the cultural and art market in Shenyang and even the whole of China has changed very rapidly. From the beginning, the state-owned courtyard troupe occupied the absolute protagonist, and now a hundred flowers are blooming, and the private courtyard troupe accounts for the market share. Higher and higher.

Whether it is an exhibition or a performance, it is very important to pay attention to the audience's experience, feelings and feedback.

  [Concurrent] Ten Minutes Culture and Art Space Manager Li Mao

  The premise is the function of the beauty of the artwork, whether it can be displayed in my home, whether it can make my life better, and the same is true for music.

A very important premise is that he has an aesthetic function. After the aesthetic function of art is continuously released, in fact, when it is really used in everyone's life, everyone will think that art is valuable in his life, not everyone I used to think that we can only look at it from a distance, but not close to this kind of boundary.

  [Explanation] In 2020 and 2021, Li Mao served as the executive director of the performance of the Shenyang Art Festival Visual Art Exhibition for two consecutive years.

There are also commercial performances one after another. During the festival, Li Mao's schedule is very full.

Faced with today's achievements, Li Mao said that the most important thing is to not forget the continuous precipitation and accumulation of the original intention.

  [Concurrent] Ten Minutes Culture and Art Space Manager Li Mao

  I think it's actually easy to appear in a flash in the pan, in our circle.

But to be able to maintain a stable output is actually quite difficult for an artist.

  [Explanation] Looking back on the past ten years, Li Mao has a lot of emotion. He has witnessed the great changes in the Chinese cultural performance market, and he is even more fortunate to participate in it.

There is bitterness and sweetness in this. Li Mao said that art workers look at the superficial scenery and know how cold and warm they are. He is grateful for every experience in the past ten years, which made him also let the people around him see the direction of his efforts, and he is full of hope for the future. hope.

  Reporter Yu Ruizhai reports from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]