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  Every Chinese who lives hard is the most beautiful struggler.

It is precisely because of the hundreds of millions of strugglers that China is today.

Ten years, pay tribute to every one of you who have struggled.

Let us work hard together for the new era, and never slack in the future.

  [Commentary] After graduating, he successfully became a teacher, but he was young and frivolous, resigned to sell clothes, but because of a student's words, he regained his brush.

At the end of 2018, he stood out among hundreds of competitors and went to the French Academy of Fine Arts in Besançon at public expense to carry out an art residency.

Since then, his paintings have gone to the world and are highly sought after.

In the first half of 2022, he held and participated in 5 art exhibitions at home and abroad.

Recently, the painting exhibition in France has been finalized again.

His name is Sun Yichao, a Shenyang abstract painter.

  [Explanation] In 2013, Sun Yichao, who had resigned from his job as a teacher, received his students in a clothing stall in Shenyang Middle Street.

Before leaving, the student asked Sun Yichao a question, but this question ruined Sun Yichao's clothing business, which was gradually on the right track.

  [Concurrent] Painter Sun Yichao

  Why do you want to go to college?

What is your original intention for studying in university?

When he talked about Chu Xin, I felt that the word Chu Xin gave me a deep pain.

When my students were gone, I closed the shop.

Then I sat in my room all the time, and I thought of my original intention.

I was telling my girlfriend at the time that I actually want to paint, and I want to go back and paint.

After that, my girlfriend at the time said, what should I do?

I said, then let's quit, I want to go back and paint.

  [Explanation] In the interview, Sun Yichao said many times that he can persist until today, and he is most grateful to his wife's girlfriend at the time.

At that time, when the painting class was on the right track, Sun Yichao closed the painting class because of a friend's words, and started painting with all his heart. However, his wife still chose to support his decision after experiencing a short-term anger.

  [Concurrent] Painter Sun Yichao

  If I were to close down my studio, my partner at the time could barely speak Spanish.

just what?

Just why did some friend come to see you?

Or which student came to see you and said something to you?

I said so and so he came, he is doing very well now.

There is no shortcut to everyone's success, and I know how difficult it is.

But it was an impulse that supported me, so I told them that I wanted to paint, and I wanted to paint. At that time, I was particularly moved by my wife, and my wife said something to me, saying that I don’t I know what you are doing, and I don't know what you want to do, but I know what you want to do, so you do it, and I support you.

  [Explanation] Today, Sun Yichao's paintings have gone international, and his paintings have also turned from realism to abstraction.

In his view, whether it is success overseas or turning to abstract painting, it is inseparable from his cultural genes as a Chinese.

  [Concurrent] Painter Sun Yichao

  We look at our ancients, including Xu Wei, including Bada Shanren. These are my favorite artists from our country. In fact, many people say that Xu Wei is the Van Gogh of China. I think he is better than Van Gogh. How to put it, he painted His splashed ink, his splashed ink, his heavy color, including his freehand brushwork, can completely shock our hearts.

What gives us the strength to stand in the world is actually our roots and our cultural heritage.

  [Explanation] Looking back on the past ten years, Sun Yichao said frankly that there were both success and happiness but also frustration and sadness.

In his opinion, not forgetting the original intention and the support of relatives and friends are the root of his current achievements.

  Reported by Yu Ruizhai and Liu Siqi from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]