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-[Newsship] When will mankind be able to overcome 'unlikable' robots

-[Public Official Property Portal] Let's find out the property of high-ranking officials and basic councilors at once  -[Should I buy it


Should I?] How do you do when water leaks from the faucet?

The first soup is [Newsship], which delivers the fun of reading the context of an issue beyond fragmented news.

It is not a very rare experience to see robots not only in science fiction novels, movies, and cartoons, but also in our daily lives.

However, as robots become more advanced and more and more resemble humans, the emotions humans feel toward robots change.

Reporter Yoo Seong-jae pointed out the humanoids and androids that are currently at the forefront of robotics, including Big Dog, Spot, Asimo, Atlas, and Erica.    

[Newsship] When will humanity overcome 'unlikable' robots?

Last year, the New York Police Department leased six more friendly Spots from Boston Dynamics and put them into police work on a trial basis.

Using Big Dog's DNA, he was assigned the task of patrolling the streets, collecting information on places where incidents could occur with cameras and sensors, and informing police officers.

However, controversy arose when Spot was involved in a hostage case in Manhattan.

Residents openly expressed their displeasure at being subjected to the robot's experiments and complained of their refusal to expose their privacy.

In addition, as the voice of criticism raised, recalling the fact that fierce dogs were used to suppress black riots in the past, even racial conflict became a catalyst for controversy.

In the end, due to criticism, the New York Police Department abandoned the plan to use Spot as a 'police dog'.

Perhaps the residents of the Manhattan apartment felt something grotesque, gloomy and menacing while watching Spot put into the crime scene.

That feeling is probably in the same vein as the feeling that many people felt after watching an old video in which Big Dog, who is actually Spot's grandfather, doesn't fall down despite being kicked and reorganizes his posture while staggering.

The novelty is only for a moment, can we say that the alienation of the 'cold-blooded being', who has the appearance of a dog, the companion animal most familiar to mankind, but is overly strong, has no emotions, and is only faithful to the achievement of the purpose set by the program, appears as fear. 

This kind of feeling humans have towards robots is already widely known as the 'uncanny valley'.

The unpleasant valley is a concept introduced in 1970 by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori (森 政弘). Here, the theory is that if you become more sophisticated, the favorability will rise again.

This name was given because the curve of favorability shows a 'valley' shape with a depression in the middle.

Dr. Mori cited robots resembling humans as an example, but this theory is equally applicable to animals that have lived closest to humans during the long history of mankind.

Just like Big Dog and Spot.

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The second soup of Sunday, [Public Official Property Portal].

How much property did President Seok-yeol Yoon report, and who among the members of the National Assembly has the most assets?

It is a public official property that is announced every year, but it was difficult to find it easily.

Soup was created to make use of the purpose of disclosing the property of public officials.

If you enter the name or affiliation of a high-ranking public official or council member in the [Public Official Property Portal], you can easily find the details of his reported property. 

[Public Official Property Portal] At a glance the property of high-ranking officials and local councilors! 

The public official property portal transparently discloses the property details of public officials, which are announced in the Official Gazette at the regular property disclosure every March, so that anyone can easily find them.

Currently, 22 public service ethics committees disclose the property details of high-ranking public officials of Grade 1 or higher, members of the National Assembly, and provincial and provincial legislators in accordance with Article 10 of the Public Service Ethics Act.

Since each institution has a different website and even publishes it in PDF format, it is difficult to check the process of public officials' property formation, and it has been criticized for not meeting the purpose of the law disclosing public officials' property details.

The Public Service Ethics Portal contains the property details of all public officials who reported to the Central Public Service Ethics Committee and the Local Public Service Ethics Committee from 2018 to 2022.

It will be updated every year after regular property disclosure is made.

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The last soup of the day, living solution for single households with housekeeping gosu [Buy or not?].

Small but useful tips for living in everyday life, this time we will tell you what to do when the faucet leaks. 

[Should I buy it?

Should I?] What if water leaks from the faucet?

Diligent people who wash their face and brush their teeth as soon as they wake up will open the sink faucet first.

A little lazy and less sensitive might turn on the tap in the sink.

Do any of you get water all over your body under the shower to wake up?

I tend to open and close the sink faucet first and most often during the day.

I don't want to get up, so I twist my body and run to the bathroom when I can't take it anymore.

It's normal for it to break if you use it too much.

Every faucet in your house will leak at some point.

This isn't a curse.

Don't be scared.

It's not our fault.

Just like when a door is opened and closed too much, the hinges become loose or the door is twisted and does not fit the frame, the door that opens and closes the passage of water is only loosened.

Water is strong.

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