, November 26th. A few days ago, the judiciary publicly announced the first-instance verdict of the defendant Wu Yifan's related case. The tax authority announced the punishment for Wu Yifan's tax evasion, which has attracted widespread attention from the society.

  The China Film Association published an article on the 26th stating that the Wu Yifan incident has been fermented since July 2021 and has received widespread attention from the society, causing extremely bad social impact.

In the face of facts and evidence, Wu Yifan was finally severely punished by the law.

He deserved the notoriety and the jail time.

The Wu Yifan incident once again showed that no matter who it is, once it touches the legal red line and the moral bottom line, no amount of "fame" and "traffic" can become a protective clothing against punishment.

Literary and art workers, as practitioners of spiritual undertakings, must promote virtues for the world, leave a clear name for themselves, keep a clear head at all times, be in awe, and do what they do.

  The China Film Association solemnly calls on film workers to consciously shoulder the sacred duties and missions entrusted by the society and the people, actively promote and practice the core values ​​of socialism, strive to be patriotic for the people, uphold morality and art, and create outstanding films with excellent films. The works nourish the audience, repay the society, set an example for the society with good conduct, and lead the atmosphere of the times with noble moral sentiments.

Film workers should consciously abide by laws and regulations, public order and good customs, self-cultivation and self-discipline, adhere to the right way, respect art, strengthen the sense of responsibility and rules, pursue both virtue and art, promote integrity, promote the prosperity and development of the film industry in the new era, and serve as a socialist cultural power Contribute to construction.


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