The L214 association had filed a complaint.

But a veterinary expertise carried out in a dairy cow farm in Gironde on Friday concluded that no "act of voluntary mistreatment" had been committed against the animals, we learned from the prefecture this Saturday.

This expertise concerned 13 cows in poor health out of a herd of 464 animals, in the town of Les Peintures located in the north-east of the department.

Four of them were euthanized, including one on Friday, and the other nine will be subject to "specific veterinary monitoring", said the prefecture.

Expertise will be continued.

A judicial inquiry was opened on Wednesday following the filing of a complaint by L214 and the publication of a video by the animal rights association in which we could see cows wasted and lying in slurry.

Suspension of milk collection

L214 and the Gironde association "Ne crin plus rien" had called for "the immediate closure of the establishment".

A first inspection, carried out by the public prosecutor of Libourne, had led to the discovery of 13 animals in poor health, but which had access to water and food.

The prefecture had already indicated that the checks carried out the same day had not brought to light "acts of mistreatment".

She further stated that “no complaints” had been received in the last five years on this ground.

The farm notably supplied the French cheese group Savencia (Caprice des Dieux, Tartare, Elle & Vire).

The group had indicated on Wednesday "immediately suspend the milk collection of this farm" after the broadcast of the video.


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