Last Friday, Jo Legerton expected to have a most ordinary day opening his Manchester bookshop until a curious phone call rang out.

At the other end of the line, the so-called editor of Bono who announced to him the arrival of the star in his modest business the next day for the promotion of his autobiographical book

Surrender: 40 Songs, a History


Rather suspicious, the bookseller first believed that he was being pranked.

"We just thought it was a prank and someone was kidding us," she told the BBC.

So what was his surprise when, the next day, the leader of U2 pushed open the door of the bookstore as if nothing had happened!

Job offer

Far from playing the rock star, Bono has shown himself to be very accessible.

“He was so lovely and he chatted with us.

It's hard to do more iconic than Bono, ”continued Jo Legerton, adding that the singer had also accepted a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

And the bookseller found this distinguished guest so nice that she even offered to come and do some extras for the holidays.

If Bono declined this generous offer, he left the bookstore not without having bought a nice stack of books.

However, the artist will probably not have had the leisure to read that evening since he went on stage at the O2 Apollo in Manchester to promote his book.


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