It seems that winter has suddenly arrived.

As the cold wind intensified, a cold wave warning was issued in Gyeonggi and Gangwon, and some Chungcheong, Jeonbuk, and Gyeongbuk regions.

The wind is strong here, so the actual cold felt on the street is even worse than this.

When you come out today (27th), you need to pay special attention to keeping warm by wearing a winter coat, gloves and a scarf.

Even during the day, it will be chilly in the central region, with temperatures staying below 15 degrees, including 12 degrees in Seoul and 14 degrees in Cheongju.

Temperatures will rise again tomorrow, and after the rain stops during Tuesday morning, the cold will come in earnest.

It will be sunny today, but the amount of clouds will gradually increase, and tomorrow morning, it will start raining in Jeju, spreading to Seoul and other places in the west in the morning, and it will rain nationwide at night.

If you look at the expected precipitation, 20mm to 70mm in the central region and Jeju, and 5 to 40mm in other areas are expected.

(Ahn Su-jin weather caster)