China News Service, Beijing, November 26th (Reporter Gao Kai) One is an urban elite female lawyer who knows how to seize opportunities, and the other is a Buddhist otaku with "the biggest dream to be an ordinary person". In the novel, it tries to elicit the "contrast" and "collision" of urbanites' attitudes towards values, love and even life through the love between men and women at different ends of life philosophy.

  In this urban emotional drama, the story of Qin Shi (played by Yang Mi) and Yang Hua (played by Xu Kai) begins with a "happy cooperation", and the two are "forced" to get along by accident. It's a bit old-fashioned, but their mutual giving and mutual healing in this love trial with different philosophies of life show the capture of the emotions and growth process of urban men and women.

  The love at the crossroads of life, for the two protagonists in the play who live at different ends of the philosophy of life, not only brings sweetness, but also forms a field that has to rethink their own positioning and values, and becomes a good medicine for their respective growth paths .

The recognition and support gradually established under this strong differentiation also turned into a precious light, which made the protagonist gradually see the light source while groping for the road of growth.

  For the audience, watching the drama is also a process of self-exploration. In the slightly old-fashioned "sweetness" and "abuse" of "The 28th Law of Love", the friction between the hero and heroine finally presents the relationship between men and women in love. learning and growing in.

  Regarding love, Mu Xin once said, "It's not good when love comes, and it's not good to go, and it's not good if it doesn't come or go. Love is troublesome." The emotional friction and ups and downs between the hero and heroine in "The Law", although there is no lack of vulgar writing, the tension also shows the value of persistence and courage in love.

  In real life, for those men and women who yearn for love but are often at a loss when they are in it, how should they settle the tormenting emotions?

This is one of the eternal propositions in life, but the answer is always hard to find. If the truth is useful, love will not trouble thousands of men and women.

Of course, there is nowhere to find the answer once and for all. For this, "The 28th Law of Love" also tries to give an answer in the repeated pulling of the hero and heroine-the only thing that can be learned and implemented is bravery and persistence.

  In addition to love, the play puts Qin Shi and Yang Hua's two extreme characters in the bustling urban environment. Hot topics such as economic independence, workplace survival, and native family have appeared one after another, trying to gain insight into the pain points of contemporary urban life. and render.