Ayem Nour really decided to make everything public.

Since her ex-husband, Vincent Miclet, accused her on Instagram of having “abducted” their son, the former Mag presenter has chosen to respond to him in the same way.

She has just announced that he had filed a complaint against her “for defamation following the publication of the photo”.

The shot in question is the one where she shows her visibly bruised neck.

An image that she dates in 2016, the year of their breakup, but without naming the person responsible for her bruises.

“He is wasting his time, I have all the proof of his actions… And this is only the beginning,” adds the reality TV star on Instagram.

Open conflict

Ayem Nour specifies that it is an “unfounded complaint with false accusations, here in Morocco, to delay the possibility of a possible departure for France”.

According to information from PurePeople, the former spouses share joint custody of their six-year-old boy, who attends school in Morocco.

The young woman claims that Vincent Miclet refuses to give her their child's passport.

In hashtag, Ayem Nour leaves no room for doubt.

She has indeed written successively "return the passport", "let us go", "narcissistic pervert" and "monster".

“When will this nightmare end”, also asks the one who had just announced her arrival in TPMP People before the scandal broke.

One thing is certain, Ayem Nour has decided to change strategy in the conflict between him and his ex.

“I start with what… I don't know… I don't know anymore… So many things that I kept for myself… To preserve it out of love and respect for my son…”, she wrote in a following Story, indicating to her wish to get their child's passport back.

“We want to go home,” insists Ayem Nour.


Ayem Nour reveals bruises on his body and his ex accuses him of lying

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