Since October 6 and the new plan unveiled by the government, it's time for sobriety!

Among the thirty measures that appear there, we find for example the encouragement of carpooling, teleworking, but also the incentive to reduce the heating temperature in offices to a maximum of 19°C.

No more full heating and wide open windows, Géraldine from accounting only has to put on thick socks and bring a hot cup of tea.

And you, what are your techniques to stop being cold at work?

Do you dress warmer?

Do you bring objects (plaid, heater, small electric heater, or other)?

Do you drink more hot drinks?

Is the cold impacting your productivity?

Have you decided to telecommute more?

Are you apprehensive about the arrival of winter?


Energy sobriety: Are we moving towards a generalization of Friday in teleworking?


Energy sobriety: Under what conditions can teleworking be a lever for saving energy?

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