The Saudi Arabian selector, Hervé Renard, has become one of the great stars of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. And he has done so not only because his team has hit the first big 'pepinazo' of the championship

by defeating the almighty Argentina in Messi,

but because of the

strict work discipline

to which he subjects his pupils and his, let's say, 'shocking' physical presence.

A 54-year-old former French soccer player, Renard was a member of AS Cannes, among other clubs, in whose ranks he

coincided with Zinedine Zidane

, always standing out for his marvelous physique -he measures 1.84 m and weighs 80 kilos- that he has always taken care of with pampering 'both in the kitchen and in the gym'.

Fervent believer in the power of healthy lifestyle habits, they say that the current 'mister' of Saudi Arabia imposes a

strong physical preparation

in the dressing room -he himself leads by example- which, according to analysts, could be one of the keys , together with a

change in diet and recovery techniques after the games

, from the bathroom of his team to the Argentines.

It is not something of now.

Renard is known for his

high demands on him in training


So much so that even the burly John Ruddy, a former Cambridge player, confessed, in an interview published in 'The Guardian', that he has never physicalized at such a high level as with Renard: "One of the best memories I have of Hervé It

's the

brutal work rate that he demanded not only of us, but he also showed in the gym

. The pre-season with him was and continues to be the hardest I've done in my professional life".

And that, that tablet that the French coach still boasts of today, has a lot of 'work' behind it: "Hervé used to have us in the gym doing

two-minute planks

. I remember that I trembled like a dog and he laughed and yelled, 'Come on, John!' He also used to do five-minute sets of sit-ups.

He was in exceptional shape and there's no doubt he's still in it


One only has to watch his videos on Instagram, executing a very hard abdominal routine on an unstable and weighted surface to make sure that Ruddy is correct.

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A fan of cycling and running, Hervé Renard does not forgive some strength sessions in the gym, which he usually shows off on his social networks.

His passion for fitness has also led him to collaborate as an ambassador with the French training chain Surface Groupe


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