Nearly 550 Jews in transit in the center of Vénissieux (Rhône) had been deported to Auschwitz on August 26, 1942. A sorting documented in a hundred typed pages found by a grandson of a deportee, author of a book on the camps of World War II civilian interns.

According to

La Montagne

, it was during a gathering of marcophiles in October 2021 in Néris-les-Bains (Allier) that the latter got his hands on these documents.

Conditions to avoid deportation

These precious archives indicate in particular the composition of the administrative teams, some of the victims, a summary of the effectiveness of the roundup and a report on the operation of the Vénissieux triage center.

They also deliver the eleven conditions that allowed foreign Jews to avoid deportation, namely: being over 60 years old, being “untransportable”, or even being an unaccompanied child, for example.

This last condition would have saved 108 children, the parents having deliberately signed acts of delegation of paternity.

The documents were entrusted by their owner to the departmental archives of the Rhône.


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