The Camaïeu brand is in compulsory liquidation but its clothes are still finding takers.

Noz bought over 2 million items at auction for around 4 million euros.

The destocking giant started marketing these products at bargain prices a few days ago and the operation is attracting crowds.

In Côte-d'Or, the Marsannay-la-Côte store was the first to offer Camaïeu clothing, starting this Monday.

It has been taken by storm by many customers in search of good deals, France Bleu Bourgogne has seen.

The sale of items from the northern ready-to-wear brand should last several days but, at this rate, the stock should quickly be sold out. 

The Camaïeu brand, founded in 1984, went into compulsory liquidation at the end of September, two years after its takeover, resulting in the closure of 511 stores and the loss of 2,600 jobs.


Liquidation of Camaïeu: How did we arrive at the layoffs of 2,600 people?


Clothing: Camaïeu, symbol of the impasse in which the mid-range finds itself in France

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