Ahead of the opening of an exhibition of the works of world-famous artist Yayoi Kusama in Hong Kong, her new pumpkin-themed work has been unveiled, attracting public attention.

In Hong Kong, an exhibition that looks back on the creative activities of global avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama for over 70 years will begin on the 12th.

At the venue, more than 200 works will be exhibited, including works that reflect white and black polka dot objects with mirrors, and it will be the largest exhibition in Asia outside of Japan.

Mika Yoshitake, who planned the exhibition, said, "I want people to see how art has the power to heal the soul."

Also, prior to the opening, Kusama's new work with a pumpkin motif was displayed in the lobby of the museum, and many people were interested in taking pictures with it.

Visitors said, ``Her pumpkins are famous.

From this week, some railway lines will also have cars that promote the exhibition, creating a lively atmosphere for the opening.

The exhibition will be open from November 12th to May 14th next year.