If there are aspects of Ed Sheeran's life that you're curious about, good news: the singer is in the middle of filming a documentary about his daily life.

At 31, the British artist believes it's time to take stock and give a little more detail.

“We are currently shooting a documentary around my life and we had a great conversation about what we should include.

As long as it's honest and relates to the theme of a song, it's ok, but there's no reason to put something in if it's detrimental to my life,” a- he explained in

The Breakfast Club



There is therefore no question of jeopardizing his personal balance and the discreet life he has forged for himself despite his fame.

The whole question, for the star, is therefore to indulge without revealing too much.

“The border is very thin, that's why I live where I live, in Suffolk and not in Los Angeles.

My celebrity life is on when it needs to be...but when I get home I'm a friend, father, husband, son.

You can't bring the weight of celebrity to a Suffolk pub, you just have to be yourself,' he explained.

The cameras follow him for the moment during his


tour , but even if the documentary focuses mainly on the artist that he is, it is possible that we can see a little more about his private life.

His wife, Cherry Seaborn, and their two children, Lyra and Jupiter, travel with him.

“They come with me.

I've been on tour all year.

We rented houses, we lived in Dublin for a week, in Limerick for a week, in Frankfurt for a week.

It's fun,” the singer revealed.


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