October 24, 2022

Stéphane Plaza has been sober for 88 days!

Last August, Stéphane Plaza proposed to his Instagram subscribers to stop alcohol at the same time as him, in order to see who would go the furthest.

And so far, he's holding up!

The facilitator has indeed revealed not to have drunk a drop of alcohol for 88 days.

“Despite the complications of life, I hold on and think about my health.

88 days without alcohol, ”he revealed to his subscribers in his Instagram Story.

A challenge he had set himself to be in better health.

“No more alcohol and return to fruit juices on the terrace,” he announced to his subscribers.

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Léna Situations launches her podcast

Léna Situations launches into the podcast!

The YouTube star has indeed announced the arrival of his series on Spotify, the first episode of which is already available.

Her fans will be able to dive behind the scenes of her profession as an influencer.

“My new project is born today, after 6 years of making videos that are still very dynamic.

Today, I would also like to take the time to dwell on the details, come back to anecdotes, share the advice that has helped me and open up about the things that I chose not to film”, reveals- she on Instagram.

After this first episode, see you every Wednesday!


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