An 18-year-old young woman was forced to flee the 9 m² accommodation she rented for 235 euros in a Crous university residence on the Mont-Saint-Aignan campus (Seine-Maritime).

Her room is indeed infested with bedbugs which have bitten the young prep student all over her body, reports 76 Actu.

Organized cleanings

Shortly after moving in, the young woman had discovered patches of pimples on her body.

While inspecting the premises, she then discovered a dead bug on the sheet of her mattress and numerous black spots.

Three days later, the establishment then called in a cleaning company at its expense.

Without success.

Without the possibility of relocation, the student had to go back to her parents and will soon move into private accommodation.

Contacted by our colleagues, the Crous Normandie indicated that a second cleaning was planned two weeks after the first.

The organization, which granted the young woman a reduction in rent, also explained that this "scourge" affected the Crous as much as the hotels.

Seven apartments in the residence had already been treated this summer.

Miscellaneous facts

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