Recently, the Ancient Shu Civilization Lighting and Shadow Art Exhibition was exhibited in the Kuanzhai Alley Scenic Spot in Chengdu.

This exhibition is jointly sponsored by Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum and Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley. It displays 6 sets of colorful light and shadow art works inspired by ancient Shu cultural elements such as sun bird gold ornaments, golden masks, and bronze standing people.

  On the basis of traditional intangible cultural heritage lanterns, the exhibition innovatively integrates light and shadow projection screens, mechanical transmission, interactive projection and fiberglass materials, etc., to create a "cyberpunk style" night of light and shadow in ancient Shu.

It is reported that the exhibition will continue until the end of this year, and will be open to tourists free of charge during this period.

(Chen Xuanbin)

Responsible editor: [Liu Pai]