(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The Women's Anti-epidemic Pioneer of the Hohhot Procuratorate: Women Blooming Youth

  China News Service, Hohhot, October 12th Telegram: Remembering the Women's Anti-epidemic Pioneer of the Hohhot Procuratorate: Women Blooming Youth

  Chinanews.com reporter Zhang Linhu

  "Although my strength is meager, I believe that the drops will form a river. After the storm, the city will definitely get better and better!" said Li Xiaohong, a full-time member of the Procuratorate Committee of the Huimin District Procuratorate of Hohhot City.

  After the current round of COVID-19 outbreak in Hohhot, medical workers, community workers, people's police, volunteers and other people from different industries, regardless of their personal safety, stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

  In these busy figures, there are countless sonorous roses. They interpret one heartwarming story after another with the unique tenacity and warmth of women, combining hardness and softness; with loyalty and selfless dedication, support the anti-epidemic work. Half the sky, let the clanging roses look different, this is the women's anti-epidemic vanguard of the Huimin District People's Procuratorate of Hohhot City.

The picture shows female police officers answering residents' questions.

Photo by Liu Min

  After the outbreak, the People's Procuratorate of Huimin District immediately issued the "Women Fighting the Epidemic Together" initiative. The female police officers acted upon the order, and the anti-epidemic vanguard team consisting of nearly 40 female police officers assembled immediately.

  "In a special period, I have overcome all the difficulties at home and resolutely obeyed the arrangements of the organization!" This is the most frequently said sentence by the members of this anti-epidemic women's vanguard.

  Since October 1, this anti-epidemic women's vanguard team has been on duty in front of 6 residential communities in Baolian Community, firmly guarding the first line of defense for people's lives, health and safety, and has become a beautiful landscape on the road against the epidemic.

  "Coordinating residents to share their own channels for purchasing materials with the community residents, helping to contact the community to solve the problem of plumbing maintenance at home, and helping to contact cat food and dog food..." This is the 10-day duty situation recorded by police officer Han Meixia. A true portrayal of a police officer on duty for epidemic prevention.

  "The community is the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Whether the community can defend this line of defense is related to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control." Han Meixia said that as the epidemic prevention and control continues to escalate, their responsibilities as police officers on duty are also increasing. The bigger it is, the more it needs to be done.

  "I want to go out to buy some food", "I want to go out to buy some medicine"... In the face of various needs of the residents, the female police officers not only persuade everyone to stay home, but also help residents solve practical problems.

The picture shows a female police officer helping residents go shopping.

Photo by Liu Min

  "Some elderly people don't know how to buy medicine online, so we trot to the nearby pharmacy to help buy it; if there are prevention and control personnel entering and leaving the community, work certificates, ID cards, Qingcheng code, itinerary code, and negative nucleic acid test certificates must be carefully checked." Han Meixia said that even if some people come and go every day they know each other, they should also not check on the ground.

  "Our unit has been sealed off and cannot be on duty" "Positive cases have been detected in our community and cannot be on duty"...

  As more and more areas were blocked, the number of this anti-epidemic team continued to decrease, from nearly 40 to a dozen.

Although the force on duty is weakening, and despite the sudden snowfall and cooling down, the female police officers are still persevering in the cold wind, moving the residents with their practical actions, and they are also moved by the residents.

  "These are all stuffed to us by the enthusiastic residents." When police officer Oden was on duty in Haikejia Community, the residents brought a lot of snacks.

Because the gate of the community is shaded, there is no sunlight for a day. As the weather gets colder, it becomes more and more difficult to stand guard in front of the gate of the community.

  "Everyone saw that we worked hard and cooperated very well, and the words of thanks are endless." Oden said that every time he heard such words, it would make people feel warm and moved.

  Since most of the female police officers are young people, the children at home are very small, and some couples are sticking to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

  "Because several colleague's communities were closed and charged in one day, Li Xiaohong was on duty for more than 8 hours in a row. At that time, she was still suffering from a cold." Police officer Su Rina said that Li Xiaohong, like her, is also a mother of two children.

  Police officer Liu Min has a relatively optimistic personality and is willing to help others. He insists on being on duty at 6:40 every day.

Whoever has any difficulties, she is also willing to take the initiative to help.

"Someone has to do it. The more this time, the more we have to rush forward." Liu Min said.

  Police officer Wan Jing's lover is a police officer who is also fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

In the face of the sudden epidemic, they doubled their perseverance in exchange for the safety of the people.

  This anti-epidemic vanguard team composed of female prosecutors and police officers is dedicated to everyone, and uses "volunteer red" to protect the "healthy green" of the masses in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. They are women's tenacity and courage. The woman's youth has built "safety barriers" for community residents, and contributed "her strength" to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.