Women should study the decision carefully.. permanent makeup is safe or dangerous?

Recently, the world of cosmetics has witnessed a huge boom in what is known as permanent makeup.

So what is it?

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

To answer these questions, the beauty portal "Hot.D" explained that permanent makeup is pigmentation in the upper layer of the skin by an automatic device that works as a tattoo tool, to beautify a specific area or hide a defect in the skin.

The German portal added that permanent makeup suits the eyebrows;

Drawing some hairs gives the eyebrows density and attractiveness.

Permanent makeup is also used to draw the eye liner over the eyelashes.

Eyelashes can also be intensified;

Where the eye liner is dyed between the eyelashes.

Permanent makeup gives thin lips a larger appearance and covers pale lips in a pink color that expresses tenderness and femininity;

It draws the contours of the lips to define their contours, while the color of the lips is revitalized through a specific shading technique.

Permanent makeup can also be applied in some pathological cases;

It can be used, for example, for the restoration of certain areas in cancer patients.

It can also be applied to draw eyebrow hairs or hair roots after undergoing chemotherapy or some neurodermatitis infection, as well as it can be applied to hide scars caused by burns or accidents.

And "Hot.D" indicated that permanent makeup is not without health risks;

The skin is injured, as is the case when tattooing, in addition to the risk of allergic reactions, inflammation of the skin or the development of granulomas in the worst cases, as well as the difficulty of removing permanent makeup;

This requires about 10 to 15 laser sessions over one to two years.

Therefore, the woman should study the decision of permanent makeup very carefully and perform it by a highly experienced and reputable beautician, taking into account the verification of the source of the colors used and the extent of compliance with health requirements to avoid any potential health risks.

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