China News Service, Wenshan, October 5th Telegram: Wenshan, Yunnan: 37-year-old anti-drug police officer "boiled" into a white head and was mistaken for "grandpa"

  Author Huang Wenli

  "Teacher, he's not my grandfather, he's my father." Recently, a police officer in Wenshan, Yunnan sent his child to school on vacation. Because of his white hair, he was mistaken by the teacher for the child's grandfather.

  Lei Ming (pseudonym) is 37 years old this year. He is an anti-narcotics policeman of the Wenshan Border Management Detachment in Yunnan. When he first arrived at the Sino-Vietnamese border in Wenshan in 2008, he was a young man with thick black hair.

Since 2009, Lei Ming has participated in the seizure and handling of more than 1,000 cases of various types, arrested more than 1,900 criminals of various types, and seized 89.06 kilograms of various types of drugs.

  Because of his strong ability to solve cases, Lei Ming was called "white-haired detective" by the masses and colleagues.

Lei Ming’s comrades-in-arms introduced that Lei Ming participated in most of the cases in the unit. Small cases generally take more than ten hours to “boil”, and major cases basically take several months to complete the investigation. “Lei Ming works and rests on time, and gray hair can be reduced. , but when I stay up late, the gray hair will increase..."

  In June 2009, the first case detected by Lei Ming was a theft case detected through on-site inspection and playback monitoring.

When he returned the stolen 73,000 yuan in cash to the masses within 4 hours of the incident, he learned that it was the life-saving money borrowed by the victim to treat his family.

This case made him truly realize what it means to be a policeman - for the peace of the masses.

  In November 2019, during a duty, Lei Ming and his comrades in arms routinely inspected a non-local vehicle and found that the two people driving and riding were suspicious.

After further inspection of the vehicle, 1.98 kilograms of ketamine (commonly known as K powder) and 13.35 kilograms of heroin were found in the chassis of the vehicle on the spot.

  After a night of surprise interrogation and preliminary investigation and evidence collection, Lei Ming learned that this was a case of inter-provincial transport of drugs.

In the process of tracking the drug dealers, Lei Ming and his comrades were crawling in the mountains and forests to fight against mosquitoes and heavy rain.

  When he arrived at a highway section in Binyang County, Guangxi, Lei Ming received an arrest order.

He and his comrades drove a vehicle to chase, and the drug dealer found out and abandoned the car and ran away.

Before the car stopped, Lei Ming had already rushed out, hugged the drug dealer, and rolled down the steep slope.

Lei Ming's leg was marked with a 20-centimeter-long blood opening, and his hands still tightly clasped half of the drug dealer's arm, successfully controlling him.

  Without rest, Lei Ming and others made a surprise trial overnight.

Interrogation is a tug-of-war with drug dealers.

Lei Ming and his comrades stayed up all night, looking for evidence chains from 875 videos, 1965 electronic messages and other materials, combined with laws and regulations and moved with emotion from the perspective of the drug dealer's family and life, and finally broke through the drug dealer's defense line.

  In the 13 years of handling the case, Lei Ming often sleeps in the case handling area and the office. There is basically no regular work and rest time. He has whitened his hair and gained 44 pounds of weight.

  In the anti-drug battlefield, there are also things to fear.

"I'm afraid to go home and go shopping with my family." Lei Ming said, from Sichuan to Yunnan for more than ten years, he spends at most thirty or forty days at home a year.

  With too little time to spend with his family, Lei Ming is often full of guilt, "In order to protect the peace of more families, I will continue to stick to the anti-drug front." (End)