China News Service, Chengdu, October 5th, Question: Visiting Chengdu's "One Person's Train": The conductor has multiple jobs and walks tens of thousands of steps a day

  Reporter Wang Peng

  The patrol instrument is pinned to the left shoulder, the ticket bag is carried on the right shoulder, the danger check instrument is held in the right hand, the station-train joint control walkie-talkie is held in the left hand, and the team contact walkie-talkie is hung behind him... At about 9 o'clock on October 4th, with Chengdu to Ya'an The C6615 train began to check tickets and board the train. The reporter from saw the "fully equipped" train conductor Zhong Jing on the platform.

  It was a special ride - there was only one conductor on the whole car, no conductor.

This means that Zhong Jing is not only the conductor of the train, but also a conductor, a safety officer, a fare changer, a watchman, and an announcer.

Coinciding with the National Day holiday and the Double Ninth Festival, the 40-year-old conductor started a busy and stressful day.

Zhong Jing guides the passengers to take the bus.

Photo by Wang Peng

  "Please take good care of your belongings, take care of the children, take care of the elderly, and pay attention to the safety of your feet when getting on and off the bus." After hundreds of passengers got on the bus one after another, Zhong Jing began to patrol the carriage.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, he reminded everyone to wear masks.

When the luggage on the luggage rack is not properly placed, he has to organize it.

At the same time, he is also in charge of checking and making up tickets for the entire 4-car train.

Zhong Jing made up the ticket for the passenger.

Photo by Wang Peng

  This "one-person train" is set up by the Chengdu passenger section of the railway according to the characteristics of the short operating interval of intercity trains.

"Although there are only 4 carriages, the work flow is the same as other EMUs." Zhong Jing, who has been a conductor for many years, said that on this intercity train, the workload is no smaller than that of ordinary EMUs: meet and greet before departure. Passengers should conduct in-car inspections after driving, as well as security inspections and service care for key passengers.

Zhong Jing sorted out the luggage rack.

Photo by Wang Peng

  "Because the work intensity of one person's duty is relatively high, our train is all male captains." Zhong Jing said that sometimes she thinks of eating after she is busy with dinner, "Maybe passengers don't notice that there is only one driver in the car. conductors, but I still have to serve them and do my job as always."

  What impressed Zhong Jing the most was a passenger who had low blood sugar after getting on the bus last year and asked him for help.

He quickly arranged seats for passengers and supplemented nutrition, and soon the passengers recovered.

It took him two days to learn that the passenger specially called the customer service of railway 12306 and praised his work, "With the affirmation of the passengers, my work will not be done in vain."

Zhong Jing reminded young passengers to wear masks.

Photo by Wang Peng

  Shuttle in the crowd, wearing a thick mask, Zhong Jing's forehead soon covered with fine sweat.

At present, he has to ride for about 10 hours a day, making more than 10 round trips from Chengdu to Ya'an, constantly patrolling the carriage, and walking 20,000 to 30,000 steps a day.

"Sometimes in the afternoon, I can't even tell whether to go or return." Zhong Jing said with a smile.

  Talking about being unable to accompany her parents during the festival, Zhong Jing said that she is a "second generation iron" and her parents are also retired railway workers. "They will understand me." (End)