With "Higher Power", "Biutyful" and "My Universe" it's over for the time being.

The band Coldplay canceled all performances of the "Music of the Spheres" tour for the coming weeks on Tuesday.

As the British report on their website, their singer Chris Martin suffers from "a serious lung infection".

The band left it open how the forty-five-year-old was doing.

Martin and his partner Dakota Johnson also did not comment.

"By strict doctor's orders, Chris needs to rest for three weeks," Coldplay said.

The band should be on stage in Brazil.

According to the website, the eight planned performances in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo will be made up for in early 2023.

Martin should be ready for action again by October 25th, the day of the first of ten concerts in Argentina.

A few weeks ago, Coldplay announced that it would also show the recording of a performance in Buenos Aires in cinemas in around 70 countries.