The versatile inventor Elon Musk, who distinguished himself in various fields of science and technology (Edison in front of him is a puppy), decided that everything was possible for him and came up with ideas on how to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

In his considerations, the financier, titan and genius noted: “What fell from the cart is gone” and proposed various measures (for example, a repeated referendum under UN supervision) that would not change anything in essence, but would create the impression of playing by the rules.

Aren't the powers that be concerned about the rules of the West, starting with the USA?

In some ways, the inventor was like an equally resourceful lawyer who advised A.A.


“The most common and simple, reasonable, I think, is adultery by mutual agreement.

I would not allow myself to express myself in such a way, speaking to an undeveloped person, but I believe that this is understandable for you.

The rationality of consensual adultery lay in the simple admission: "People can no longer live together - that's a fact."

It’s not that all Russian politicians have unanimously recognized Musk’s inexpressible wisdom — especially since no one has taken away his reputation as a big swindler — but it’s always nice to hear a kind or at least kind word.

Especially in our days, when only curses and howls are heard from the West.

Therefore, Musk's plan was regarded not as a practical guide to action, but as a favorable symptom.

And in general, "we will impose a discussion on the party."

As the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs M.V.

Zakharova, "this is a public discussion, there are different people, politicians, public figures, businessmen, patrons, philanthropists, cultural figures, artists, they have their own opinions, they participate in the discussion, everyone has their own goal and task."

And such a discussion is all the more useful when "the world is now very deeply going through everything, not even changes, but upheavals that are associated with the situation around Ukraine."

That is, do not shut up the mouth of Elon Musk or, for example, Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson.

On the contrary, they should be welcomed in every possible way.

If only because they blur the ideological monolith.

Again, there are trial balloons, especially useful when relations between countries reach a blind alley.

Someone has to let these trial balloons go - and why not Musk?

Moreover, they don’t take money for demand and the attempt is not torture.

As for the reasons for Musk himself, they can be varied.

Perhaps, in fact, some serious men asked him to launch a trial balloon, motivating the request by the fact that he was good at it.

Perhaps this is due to the game on the stock exchange.

Make a loud statement, then roll back and reap a rich harvest.

How many times has it been.

Perhaps the inventor was simply incited by a restless demon.

Moreover, without publicity there is no prosperity.

There are a lot of options, and, of course, you should not immediately write down Musk as a friend of Russia.

He is exclusively a friend of himself and his capitalization, but there is absolutely no need to scold him.

We are not tram louts from Kyiv.

This is the difference between Russian politicians and the heroes of Ukraine, who took all the masked trial balloons for a long-term policy and fell upon him with frantic curses and gnashing of teeth.

Berlinsky A.Ya.

Melnyk, whose current status, however, is not entirely clear - whether he is still the Ukrainian ambassador, or he has long been an ambassador in a certain direction and is rude no longer by position, but simply out of habit, - turned to Musk: “The only result is that no Ukrainian will ever buy your <fucking> Tesla.

Go on… This is my diplomatic answer to you.”

The wife of an adviser to the presidential office, Malanya Podolyak, threatened: “You will get sick of it and Zelensky will nationalize Tesla.”

And the chief adviser Arestovich pointed out the similarities between Musk and the Pope: “In general, this bunch of beautiful-hearted aborigines delivers.

Peterson, Francis, now a Martian."

And he suggested that “mascopapism” testifies to the wide spread of harmful thoughts in the West, which have already become an “intellectual trend”.

Arestovich promised to "finish off" this trend.

It would be nice if the ideas of the inventor and the pontiff began to dominate the West in the spirit of “What the hell are we in Ukraine?”, but it seems that Arestovich is somewhat glossing over reality.

This is still far away, but Elon Musk performed his provocative role by 146%.

The discussion imposed on the party is in full swing.

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