Although the phenomenon is already well established on the other side of the Atlantic, “quiet quitting” or “silent resignation” now seems to be gaining more and more followers in France.

Scrupulously respecting schedules, no longer answering e-mails outside working hours, no longer accepting responsibilities, additional tasks or even no longer "helping out" a colleague... many are those who today have decided to do the “bare minimum” at work.

Adrien Scemama, head of, a platform that posts nearly 4 million job offers each month, sees this as "a consequence of what we've been through for two years, with a sense of frustration and above all a fear of burnout.

Some then decide not to resign, but to slow down to preserve their sanity.


Quiet quitting is also a way of demanding "more respect for employees", explains Laurène in a TikTok video.

It is mainly the younger generations who carry this other "philosophy" of work.

“Generation Z is now much more attentive to working conditions and well-being.

They no longer agree to work anyhow and at any price,” confirms Adrien Scemama, who has observed this behavior with young working people.

And you, what is your work philosophy?

Do you understand this position?

Do you practice

quiet quitting


If so, how is it perceived by your company, your colleagues?

Do other people around you have this vision of work?

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