The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has released a "crime prevention simulator" on its website that allows children and other younger generations to acquire knowledge about crime prevention through a simulated experience of countermeasures against crimes hidden around them, such as special frauds.

The Metropolitan Police Department has released a crime prevention simulator called "Method for the Future".

A presentation for the press was held on the 5th, as it was developed to have children and other young generations acquire knowledge of crime prevention while having fun.

In "Method for the Future", in order to save Tokyo in the future where security has deteriorated, the main character learns how to prevent crime and restore a livable environment. It is configured to simulate the countermeasures against.

The release period is until the end of March next year, and anyone can use it for free on the Metropolitan Police Department's website and the Metropolitan Police Department's crime prevention application "Digipolis".

Ayako Aoyama, director of the Community Safety Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, who attended the presentation, called for use, saying, "I want as many Tokyo residents as possible to experience it and use it for crime prevention activities."