Donald Trump has decided to sue CNN for what he considers to be "fake news" from the news channel against him.

In the 29-page complaint filed yesterday in court in Florida, we can read that the former president of the United States accuses "CNN of creating news" to defame him.

"In addition to highlighting only all negative information against the complainant while ignoring positive information about him, CNN sought to use its significant influence - as a 'reliable' source of information - to defame the complainant in the mind of his viewers and readers with the aim of beating him politically,” it read.

Good luck

And for Donald Trump, the goal of CNN would simply be to "prevent him from running in the presidential elections of 2024", a possibility that would "scare" the channel.

The former tenant of the White House thus criticizes the journalists of the network for having called him "racist", "Russian lackey", "insurrectionist" and "Hitler", without forgetting the reference to the phrase "The bigger the lie , the longer it goes,” attributed to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has filed a complaint against CNN, to no avail.

It must be said that it will be difficult for him to defend himself from accusations of racism, when just last week he nicknamed his former Secretary of State for Transport, Elaine Chao, of Asian origin, "Coco Chow ".

Despite everything, Donald Trump is claiming $475 million in compensation from the chain.


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