CBD, cannabidiol… Whatever you call it, they are the same molecules, and you have necessarily heard of them before, or even tested them.

Since the beginning of 2022, the French production and marketing of this active substance present in the hemp plant has been authorized.

The CBD sold is extracted from a specific variety of cannabis, the cultivation of which is authorized since it contains less than 0.3% THC.

THC, precisely, is the main active substance of cannabis, which is, on the other hand, prohibited for production and sale in France, since it confers psychotropic effects and leads to addiction.

On the CBD side, it is attributed with anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and analgesic properties.

But do its by-products really keep their promises?

UFC-Que Choisir recently warned of the therapeutic vagueness surrounding this substance in a survey and a comparison.

Faced with “a market that has evolved faster than the regulations”, confides Ludovic Rachou, president of the Union of Industrialists for the Valorization of Hemp Extracts (Uivec), the association recalls that several factors remain obscure.

In particular, the recommendations for use, the quantity necessary to obtain an effect as well as the effectiveness of the component.

This week, the Brief Conso is back.

And for the occasion, the editorial staff of

20 Minutes invites

you to ask all your questions about the CBD.

A health journalist from UFC-Que Choisir, also co-author of the survey, will answer it on video.

Are you lost in the face of the diversity of CBD-based products?

Do you want to know if taking certain treatments contraindicates taking CBD?

If the dosages are respected in the products?

What should you be wary of in general?

Are you pregnant and wondering if you can consume CBD?

Do you want to know which point of sale to choose?

Ask us all your questions.


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