Rumors are chasing Mervat Amin.. Who is her ninth husband at the age of 80, and what is the "luxury gift"?

The name of the Egyptian artist Mervat Amin topped the social networking sites, and this time it had nothing to do with being bullied, but with the news of her ninth marriage.

According to press reports, 80-year-old Mervat Amin married an Egyptian businessman in a secret wedding;

She is keen to keep it away from the press and the media.

Some newspapers also claimed that Mervat Amin's husband gave her a gift on the occasion of their marriage that included luxurious possessions, which was not confirmed.

The Egyptian cinema woman has not confirmed or denied the news so far, but many websites said that the news is nothing but baseless rumors.

Amin has always been a rich material for rumors, as rumors of her deteriorating health and death have previously pursued her, which angers her, wondering about the reasons that motivate others to release such news.

This is not the first time that rumors of marriage have been pursued by the able artist, as she had previously talked about her marriage, but she responded in press statements denying rumors about her.

She expressed her anger and resentment, saying: "I have not married and I do not think about this at all, and I wonder who spread these rumors, and I wonder why they do this, every period I find a new rumor, if not a rumor of death, it remains a rumor of marriage, and I remember a short time ago the rumor of my marriage from The artist Ezzat Abu Auf and at that time I was very surprised.”

It is noteworthy that Mervat Amin was engaged several times. She married the Syrian singer Mowaffaq Bahjat in 1970, who separated from him after he was arrested in a drug case. Then she married the musician Omar Khorshid, but she separated from him after his relationship with Miss Universe Georgina Rizk was confirmed.

Her longest marriage was with the Egyptian artist Hussein Fahmy, from whom she gave birth to her daughter, "Mena Allah", as their relationship lasted 14 years, but they separated after their movie "Sorry, I refuse to divorce."

After her separation from him, she married Palestinian producer Hussein al-Qala, whom she met in Moscow, coinciding with the screening of the movie “An Important Man’s Wife” in an official competition at the Moscow Festival, and she was also associated with businessman Mustafa Al-Balidi.

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