China News Service, Jiaxing, October 3 (Zhang Yudi) Walking into the ancient town of Xitang in Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, you can see the antique buildings and the small bridges in the south of the Yangtze River. Here, there is also a "foreigner". "Opened a Hanfu store.

  "Welcome, you can come in and try it out. This year's Western Princess style is very popular..." During the National Day, Nabil from Yemen was busy in his Hanfu store, showing tourists in non-standard Mandarin Hanfu in the store.

  "I like Hanfu culture. I think it will be beautiful to wear Hanfu in the ancient town." Nabil said that in his opinion, the ancient town and Hanfu are "ancient elements" and are closely connected.

  In 1986, 20-year-old Nabil came to China to study alone. While studying for a master's degree in Shanghai, he met his wife Yin Hongxia.

"After I came to China, I fell in love with the culture here, the people here, and the peace here. I am willing to settle down here." Nabil said.

  After graduation, Nabil worked in foreign trade in Yiwu, Zhejiang, mainly exporting advertising gifts, daily necessities, and clothes. He worked for 13 years.

  Under the "fast-paced" life for many years, Nabil and his wife came to the ancient town of Xitang for tourism six years ago, and they were deeply attracted by the scenery and atmosphere of Xitang.

"Compared to Yiwu, which is international and has a strong commercial atmosphere, it is very quiet here," Nabil said.

"I wanted to stay here, so we bought a house in Xitang."

A scene from Xitang Ancient Town, photographed by Zhang Raindrops

  When it comes to Nabil's Hanfu complex, we have to start with the Xitang Hanfu Culture Week in 2016.

At that time, Nabil didn't know much about Hanfu. During the Hanfu Culture Week, he and his wife were walking in the ancient town wearing Hanfu. Nabil felt very strange looking at all the figures around him in Hanfu.

  "These Hanfu are very beautiful, and we wanted to wear such clothes every day, so we decided to open a Hanfu store in Xitang." Nabil recalled that at that time, Hanfu gradually began to rise, and they chose what they liked to do.

  Among the many Hanfu in Nabil's store, his favorite is a men's Hanfu with a dragon pattern on the back.

"I will wear this Hanfu and record a video for my friends and family in Yemen to show them that there is a Chinese dragon behind me," Nabil said.

  At first, Nabil's store only sold Hanfu, but as there are more and more Hanfu stores in the ancient town, and wanting to stand out from many shops, Nabil decided to provide tourists with makeup while designing original Hanfu. .

  "A few years ago, a little girl wore a Hanfu in our store, but her hair was loose, and she thought she was pretty without any flower. Now, looking at it, going out like this is completely out of character." Nabil said.

  Now when they come to the store, tourists can put on wig bags, put on various headgears, put on delicate makeup, and then match with beautiful Hanfu, to have a complete Hanfu experience that belongs to Xitang Ancient Town.

  On weekdays, some foreigners will come to Xitang for tourism. When they pass by Nabil's Hanfu store, they will come in and have a look out of curiosity.

Whenever this time, Nabil would introduce them to them in English and Arabic and help them try on Hanfu.

  "I hope our Hanfu can play a role in dissemination, so that everyone wants to wear it after seeing it. The more traditional it is, the more world it is." Nabil said.