China News Service, Zhoushan, October 2nd, title: Zhejiang Education Observation: Why do Yinling teachers teach on the island?

  Reporter Xie Panpan

  In charge of the podium for 40 years, Jiang Yu, a special-grade teacher in Gansu Province, who was supposed to retire in January this year, found a new life in Liuheng Island, an island in Zhoushan, Zhejiang.

  Jiang Yu, who retired as a school leader, is now a math teacher at Liuheng Middle School in Zhoushan City.

Back in charge of the podium, he told reporters that this National Day is not preparing classes and adjusting the new teaching mode.

  From Gansu to Zhoushan Island, the "encounter" of more than 2,000 kilometers originated from a recruitment of silver-aged teachers in Zhoushan City.

Photo courtesy of Zhoushan Education Bureau

  In 2022, Zhoushan City will openly recruit a group of outstanding retired senior teachers to teach in schools at the city level. It plans to recruit 24 silver-aged teachers, including 11 high school teachers, 3 junior high school teachers, and 10 primary school teachers.

  The number of recruits is not large, but the requirements are not low.

  According to public information in Zhoushan City, the recruitment targets are outstanding retired teachers, mainly retired teaching and research staff, provincial special-grade teachers (positive senior teachers), and backbone teachers; female teachers are generally under the age of 58 (inclusive), and male teachers are generally under the age of 58. Under the age of 63 (inclusive); have the corresponding teacher qualification certificate, in principle, should have a deputy senior professional and technical title, and have been in front-line education and teaching positions before retirement.

  The reporter learned from the Zhoushan Education Bureau that this year, a total of 22 teachers were recruited for Yinling lecture support in Zhoushan City.

  In the teacher's resume, almost every teacher is full of honors, including advanced workers, excellent class teachers, provincial backbone teachers, and special-grade teachers.

  The island is remote, the transportation can only rely on ferry boats, the school is not large, and the educational resources are weak.

How to let excellent teachers teach the island?

The reporter believes that "retaining people" has several advantages.

  One is the scenic advantage.

Zhoushan is the first prefecture-level city in China to be organized as an archipelago. It is known as the "Buddha Country in the Sea and the Sky and the Port City of Fisheries". It has 2,085 islands, including Putuo Mountain and Dongji Island.

In recent years, because of its unique island scenery, it has become a "poetry and distance" for many tourists.

  In Dongji Island, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, in addition to the scenery of mountains and seas, tourists can also learn about the folk customs of Dongji, and get close contact with the historical imprint of the "Lisbon Maru" shipwreck; Jin Yong fans can go to Taohua Island and visit the shooting sculptures Legend of Heroes Tourist City, check in Huang Yaoshi Villa, Niujia Village, Bagua Bookstore, etc.

  Jiang Yu also said that the Zhoushan Islands are surrounded by the sea on all sides and are a very good place in the hearts of northerners, and they have always been yearning for them.

  The second is to treat people.

  Different from the recruitment of silver-aged teachers in other cities, Zhoushan City clearly marked the salaries of silver-aged teachers, and the treatment was not low.

  The relevant person in charge of the Organization and Personnel Department of the Zhoushan Education Bureau said that during the period of silver-aged teachers' support services, differentiated treatment guarantees based on professional titles and talent policies are implemented.

The annual salary of lecturing teachers is based on the total amount before tax, which is 150,000 yuan per year for those with deputy senior titles and 200,000 yuan per year for those with senior titles.

Among them, 70% of the total amount is the basic allowance, 30% is used for assessment rewards, 85% of the total amount will be issued for good assessments, and 100% of the overall amount will be issued for excellent assessments.

  To make "Silver Age" teachers adapt to the island education environment, Zhoushan also plays the "emotional card" compared to material rewards.

  It is marked on the recruitment announcement: Silver-aged teachers outside the city will be reimbursed for the transportation expenses for visiting relatives twice a year.

Recipient schools should provide necessary living facilities for silver-aged teachers and their spouses.

  The third is institutional guarantee.

  "The rise of the county" is a hot word in Zhejiang education recently.

Previously, five departments including the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued the "26 Mountainous Counties and Island Counties in Zhejiang Province "Rise of Counties" Action Plan, which includes enrollment management, teacher management, improvement of the ability and quality of teachers in the county, counterpart assistance in the county, and optimization of students. Nine aspects of the cultivation environment measures.

It is mentioned that in order to vigorously implement the "Silver-aged Lecture Plan", all localities should actively create conditions to ensure the working conditions and treatment of silver-aged teachers, and to attract and motivate more outstanding teachers to join the "Rise of the County" action plan.

  Excellent silver-aged teachers go to the island school to continue to exert their residual heat, which can improve the quality of island education and enable island school-age students to enjoy a fairer and higher-quality education.

  However, the reporter also noticed that the teacher appointment system is for one year, and the running-in period between teachers and students also needs a time buffer.

  In the interview, a teacher of Yinling told reporters that the difference between the students taught before and the students who supported the island school was too great, and how to teach students according to their aptitude is also a new challenge for them.

  Retirement of silver-aged teachers does not fade, and their running is often to bring "poetry and distance" to island schools. When emphasizing social contribution, the selection of teachers should also pay attention to job matching; when promoting retired teachers' dedication and dedication, they should also Let "Silver Age" teachers have more sense of existence, acquisition, happiness and fulfillment.

  Let the track of this educational "relay race" get wider and wider.