For Tom Hanks, he only acted in four good films at most!

A revelation made by the actor on the occasion of the promotion of his very first novel,

The Making Of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece


A book which, as its name suggests, approaches the world of cinema, the star of

Forrest Gump

having chosen to depict the adaptation of a modest comic book into a blockbuster with a huge budget.

A way for him to return to his own Hollywood experience and to immerse his readers in the mysteries of the creation of a film.

“No one knows how a movie is made – even though everyone thinks they know,” the comedian said in an interview with



A miracle

“I've done tons of movies, and I think four of them are pretty good,” Tom Hanks continued.

"And I'm still impressed with the way the films are made.

From a flamboyant idea to a flamboyant image on screen, the whole process is a miracle.


And as you might expect, Tom Hanks preferred to keep the list of these four films to himself.

So it's up to us to guess which one it is!

His first novel, meanwhile, will be released next spring and is already on pre-order in VO.


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