[Commentary] On the afternoon of September 29th, the Chongyang Opera Association's famous acapella concert was staged in Bacheng Town, Kunshan City, the birthplace of Kunqu Opera.

  [Explanation] At the scene, classic Kunqu Opera repertoires such as "The Peony Pavilion, A Dream", "The Tale of the Jade Hairpin" and "The Dream of Handan, Three Drunken" were displayed one by one, with melodious and beautiful tunes.


  [Concurrent] Kun Opera actor Yu Jiulin

  I was originally from Bacheng, Kunshan, and our Kunqu Opera originated in Kunshan, and the source is in our Bacheng, so I think Kunqu Opera people return to their hometown to perform Kunqu Opera, and the emotion must be different.

The Double Ninth Festival will be held in the golden autumn and October (presented). I hope that tourists will come to our Bacheng to listen to Kunqu Opera and taste our hairy crabs. I think (now) this is the most beautiful time.

  [Commentary] Kunqu Opera performing artists such as Cai Zhengren, Ji Zhenhua, Wang Shiyu, Liang Guyin, Yue Meiti, etc., joined hands with young Kunqu Opera performers to reproduce the ultimate beauty of Daya Kunqu Opera.


  [Explanation] The Chongyang Music Club's famous acapella will bring an audio-visual feast to the audience in the form of "online + offline".

Every year, during the Kunshan Bacheng Chongyang Opera Festival, the famous Kunqu Opera actor Cai Zhengren, who has been in the arts for 68 years, also comes to the scene.

  [Concurrent] Kunqu Opera actor Cai Zhengren

  I think I am happy to come once, even though I am older now, but I can move, I can walk, I still want to participate.

Now, the Double Ninth Festival has become a resounding term (business card) in Bacheng, and I wish our Double Ninth Festival will be better and better.

  [Explanation] What makes him the most happy now is that more and more young people are beginning to pay attention to Kunqu Opera, like Kunqu Opera, and learn to sing Kunqu Opera.

  [Concurrent] Kunqu Opera actor He Yi

  Kunqu Opera is not only beautiful, but also has a profound cultural heritage. I hope more young people can like opera.

  [Explanation] More than 1,200 years ago, Huang Fanchuo, a court musician in the Tang Dynasty, absorbed folk songs and passed on opera here, and created "puppet opera", which gradually developed into "Kunshan Opera"; Yuan Dynasty cultural master Gu Aying organized the "Yushan Opera" on the banks of Yangcheng Lake. Elegant Collection", which has deeply cultivated the cultural heritage for the integration and development of "Kunshan Opera" and promoted the spread and development of Kunqu Opera; Liang Chenyu, a playwright from Bacheng in the Ming Dynasty, filled in the lyrics with the "Shuimo Opera" of Wei Liangfu, a dramatist in the Ming Dynasty, and created the "Huan Sha Opera". "Record", making Kunqu Opera officially put on the stage and evolved into Kunqu Opera.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Qin, Vice President of China Kunqu Opera Guqin Research Association

  The combination of Kunqu Opera and Guqin, Kunqu Opera and folk music, Kunqu Opera and other traditional cultures makes our Kunqu Opera town richer, thicker and more fun.

Kunqu Opera is very beautiful, I hope young friends will all come to participate and come to Bacheng to see it.

  [Concurrent] Zhai Jie, member of the Party Committee of Bacheng Town, Kunshan City

  (We) use Kunqu Opera as a link to present more traditional and intangible cultural elements such as guqin, bamboo flute, bamboo carving, calligraphy, and folk songs on Bacheng Old Street, so that everyone can learn more about Kunqu Opera and Chinese excellence. traditional culture.

  [Explanation] Kunqu Opera has been closely connected with Bacheng for more than 600 years, and Bacheng people have always been passed down from generation to generation.

  Reporter Ge Yong reports from Kunshan, Jiangsu

Responsible editor: [He Sanli]