China News Service, Xi'an, October 2nd, topic: Xi'an's cycling is getting hot, young people are looking for small fun in "lightweight" life reporter Dang Tianye Zhang Yichen

  "Our cycling activities are not cycling competitions or commuting to work, but we hope that more people can participate in it through social interaction, thereby creating a new cycling lifestyle." Wang Jiaxiang, a cycling expert in Xi'an It is said that young people are under a lot of work pressure now, and they usually organize some bicycle exchange activities, mainly to let everyone find a "relaxation" through simple riding, so as to experience a "lightweight" life.

  The autumn is high and the air is refreshing, and the ancient city of Xi'an has ushered in the peak of outdoor sports.

There are many young people in the local area who choose to cycle through the streets of the city with three or five friends after get off work or on weekends.

There is no clear destination for this kind of riding, or go to take pictures in front of an unpopular scenic spot, or go to a certain Internet celebrity snack bar to check in, and the distance of a single ride varies from several kilometers to dozens of kilometers.

At present, this kind of leisure riding activity is becoming more and more popular in the city.

The riders took pictures before setting off.

Dang Tianye photo

  During the holiday, some Xi'an cyclists came to the base of the city wall, drinking tea, commenting on cars, and exchanging riding experiences in front of the tea shop opened by Wang Jiaxiang.

As one of the organizers of this cycling exchange event, Wang Jiaxiang did his homework in advance, not only placing a variety of bicycle accessories in the open space in front of the store for "cycling friends" to observe.

At the same time, some interesting questions and answers about bicycle knowledge are also designed to activate the atmosphere.

  Small and exquisite folding cars, tough retro cars, road cars with unique accessories... Many "knights" turned the scene into an alternative "auto show" with their cars, attracting passers-by to stop frequently.

  As a "senior" bicycle enthusiast, Bai Liang is familiar with the types and riding characteristics of vehicles.

In his spare time, he always rides his bike around the city, exploring new cycling routes.

"I think riding a bicycle is an attitude and a better travel choice. Our home is very close to the city wall, so I often stop by Shuncheng Lane, various city gates, or small shops opened by friends, which is environmentally friendly. Exercise again." Bai Liang said.

Xi'an rider Li Zhen (first from the left) explained bicycle knowledge at the event.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  Bai Liang told reporters that more and more bicycle lanes have been opened in Xi'an, which has a positive effect on the development of bicycle sports and the industry.

But at the same time, some road sections will also appear illegally parked and occupy the road, and the signs are unclear. I hope the relevant departments can manage this and gradually improve the urban riding environment.

  In this cycling exchange activity, Xi'an rider Li Zhen shared his experience of cycling in the old city.

He believes that the old city has good innate conditions for cycling, the width of urban streets is suitable, the speed of vehicles is slow, and cycling is relatively safe.

The old city is in the stage of urban renewal, and many friends will choose to open some interesting shops within the city walls.

Although some shops are located in relatively quiet and remote corners, this gives the cyclist an adventurous experience.

The presence of young people has also brought new vitality to the life of the old city.

  For some urban white-collar workers, cycling seems to be a "key" to open the "door" of urban slow life.

There is no congestion anxiety when commuting to and from get off work, and no longer worry about grabbing a parking space, you can calm down and find the little fun in life.

  "You can smell the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus flowers in autumn when you ride a bicycle. There are also historical sites and small shops that are difficult to see by bus or driving. You can also easily reach by bicycle." Xiaojing, a white-collar worker in Xi'an, said that there are many small shops in the city. Joined the "cycling friendly shop", which will provide services such as bicycle parking, maintenance, free ice water, food supply, etc. The whole riding environment is very good.

  The sun sets and the party ends happily.

Perhaps in the eyes of these "knights", as long as they step on the car and pedal with both feet, the road ahead will be in their hands.