A "Hill Climb" competition was held in Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, in which over 800 people from all over the country competed for the fastest time.

A hill climb is a competition in which you ride a bicycle up a hill or mountain.

The national tournament has been held in Takahashi City every year since 2011, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was canceled last year and was held for the first time in three years.

This year, 840 people from all over the country participated, and after the opening ceremony was held in the center of Takahashi City, the participants moved to the starting point about 11 kilometers away.

Participants were divided into two distances, 15km and 10km, and competed for the fastest time. In the 15km course, which had a difference in height of 398m, they raced hard up the slope while receiving cheers from the roadside.

The finish line was set up in the Fukiya area of ​​the city, known for its red red bengala streets, and the participants arrived one after the other in less than 30 minutes from the start, enjoying the pork miso soup prepared by the residents.

Tetsuto Eto from Hyogo Prefecture, who participated in the 15km course for the first time, said, "I got a better time than I expected. The warm cheers of the citizens were impressive and I would like to come again next year."

Norio Kato, head of the Fukiya branch of the Takahashi City Tourism Association, said, "It's been three years since the event was held, but many people participated. I'd be happy if you could take this opportunity to come back to Fukiya by bicycle." I was.