According to a survey conducted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, more than 60% of people do not mind expressions such as "half-stop" and "something", and it is understood that they are spreading.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs investigates changes in the use of Japanese every year, and this year it was mailed from January to February and received responses from 3,579 people aged 16 and over nationwide.

When asked if they were bothered by new expressions that have been used recently,

79.2% of the respondents answered that they "don't mind" instead of "very fast" and "very fast"

. 64.3% used the expression

"something", 60.2% used the expression "half-way" or "half

-way", and 55.7% used the expression "to be honest".

Of these, 46.4% of the respondents answered that they "sometimes use" the expression "half-end", which is more than double the number in the survey 10 years ago. rice field.

Yasuhiro Takeda, a senior researcher in the Japanese language division of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, said, "Although it is unavoidable that the language itself changes, it is difficult for some people to accept it, so it is important to use the appropriate language according to the person and the situation." was talking