Definitely, you have to believe that everything Harry Styles touches turns to gold.

Even though her hit

As It Was

, taken from her new album

Harry's House

, has been at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 chart since its release last April - a first for a British solo artist - the pop star is indulging in the luxury to be a hit at the American box office with

Don't Worry Darling

, the latest film by his lover Olivia Wilde.

The film, which he shares with Florence Pugh, had a good opening weekend across the Atlantic, earning 19 million dollars in revenue, and nearly 11 million in the rest of the world as


points out .

Unfortunately, you won't have to get used to seeing the artist burst the screen, since he now intends to focus on his musical career.

Already bored

Indeed, Harry Styles recently announced that he was going to leave his cinematographic adventures aside a little to return to what he knows how to do best.

Not that the singer doesn't enjoy acting, but as he told

Rolling Stone

some time ago , nothing beats stage experience for him.

However, Harry Styles should squat the screens throughout the fall and a good part of the winter, since in addition to

Don't Worry Darling

, he will also be showing

My Policeman

, which is due out on November 4.


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