[Traveling in the Grassland and Pastoral Areas in Xinjiang ③]

Hemu Grassland - overnight in the yurt and chatting at home

  Starting from Burqin County, Altay Region, we went to Kizilgar Village, an “Internet celebrity village” in Yegzitobe Township, for an interview, but found that it was not as lively as we imagined.

The old man in the village said: Go to Hemu Grassland, which is our summer pasture.

  After driving more than 120 kilometers to reach the intoxicating green Hemu grassland, it was already dark.

We asked a teenage boy on the side of the road where he could stay, and the boy pointed, "Have you seen those five white yurts? Eat well, live well, and have a lot of energy!"

  This is a small courtyard blocked by a wooden fence, and the family is busy.

The male host rode a motorcycle and drove the cattle and sheep into the slaughterhouse; in the open space in front of the yurt, the hostess was roasting mutton on the charcoal fire; a girl in her 20s warmly greeted us into the yurt.

  There is no need to rush to check in, put down your luggage, and sit directly cross-legged.

The hostess Biken Bahiti said that the other guests have gone to play, so you can eat with us.

The large plate of hand-grabbed mutton and kebabs are immediately fragrant.

The host, Wulan Ajihan, poured a bowl of white wine for each of us, when a boy walked in, and we immediately laughed. The boy who was guiding the way was him - smart!

  After two cups of hot wine, the host opened the chat box: We went to the summer pasture, mainly for grazing. The family raised more than 30 cows and more than 100 sheep.

By the way, a few yurts are set up, which can be counted as homestays.

From June to September, the Kanas Lake Scenic Spot is full, and many guests come to us to live in yurts and ride horses.

  The reporter asked: How much money can you cattle and sheep plus a summer tourism income?

  The host smiled but didn't answer.

The hostess couldn't hold back, and said, "A cow is close to 20,000 yuan, and a sheep is more than 2,000 yuan. There are four yurts, and each one earns more than a thousand yuan every day. Let's count!

  The reporter made a rough calculation in his heart: the income is much higher than our "climbing the grid".

  The host said: A few years ago, the government built affordable housing for the village, and we all went back to the village to live in the winter.

There are also those who have not come to the summer ranch. They operate fishing, grilled fish, and homestays in the village's "Qilitan Fishing Village" scenic spot, and their income is also very good.

  Chatting and chatting, the hostess praised us about the three children in the family: the eldest daughter has graduated from college and is working as a civil servant in the county; the second daughter is now helping out at home during the summer vacation. She went to high school in Beijing and was admitted to Shanghai. University, and preparing to take the postgraduate entrance examination; this young son is in the third year of junior high this year, and next year he wants to take the entrance examination for the high school in Shanghai.


  Stepping out of the yurt, we saw the stars twinkling in the sky, the sound of the flowing water of the Hemu River not far away, and the insects hiding in the flowers and grass sang in a low voice.

We didn't drink much, but the happy life of this family made us drunk.

(Reporter Shang Jie Liu Jiangwei)