China News Service, Beijing, September 30 (Wei Xianghui) "The National Day holiday is approaching, the flow of people and gatherings have increased, and the risk of epidemic transmission has increased." Happening.

The risk of clustered epidemics in many places still exists

  Lei Zhenglong, director of the Department of Communication and Prevention of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a first-level inspector, said that at present, the epidemic situation in the country still shows the characteristics of "more points and more areas".

The recent outbreaks are mainly concentrated in Tibet, Ningxia, Guizhou, Heilongjiang and other provinces, mainly in the subclades of Omicron variant BA.5 and BA.2.76.

  Compared with August, the number of new infections per day has dropped significantly, and the scope of the epidemic has been shrinking.

All localities adhered to the principle of fast control and scientific and precise implementation of various prevention and control measures. Hainan, Xinjiang and other provinces with severe epidemics in the early stage achieved staged victories in epidemic prevention and control. The epidemic situation in Tibet improved steadily, and the epidemic in Guizhou was brought under control.

The epidemic situation in Ningxia and Heilongjiang Province is in the developing stage, and the state has sent working groups to guide the local epidemic situation.

  Experts believe that with the approaching of the National Day holiday, the flow of people visiting relatives, tourism, etc. has increased, coupled with the characteristics of the Omicron variant of hidden transmission and strong transmission ability, my country is still facing the risk of overseas epidemic import and local epidemic spread. , the risk of clustered epidemics in multiple places still exists.

Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway (data map) Yuejiao comprehensive photo

Advocate different ways to celebrate the festival, many people choose to celebrate the festival nearby

  The National Day holiday is a peak period for people to participate in cultural activities and travel. This year, many people choose to celebrate the festival nearby.

Han Jinghua, deputy director of the Transportation Services Department of the Ministry of Transport, said that during the National Day holiday, it is estimated that 210 million passengers will be sent by road passenger transport across the country, a decrease of about 30% compared with the same period last year.

  Li Xiaoyong, deputy director of the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, introduced that travel agencies and online tourism companies are not allowed to operate inbound and outbound group tours and "air ticket + hotel" business, and suspend the operation of counties (cities, districts, flags) and municipalities with medium and high risk areas. Districts (counties) operate group tourism and "air ticket + hotel business, and suspend the city group tourism business at land border ports.

  Reasonably control the size of the tour group, do not organize large tour groups, and strictly control the passenger rate of chartered tours.

Star-rated tourist hotels and grade-rated tourist homestays should strengthen ventilation and disinfection, reasonably arrange the frequency of disinfection, check the health code of the occupants, and check the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours.

A-level tourist attractions strictly implement the requirements of "limited numbers, reservations, and peak shifts". All visitors entering the park will be scanned for temperature measurement, and the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 72 hours will be checked.

  In addition, all localities are required to advocate different ways of celebrating the festival according to the local epidemic prevention and control situation.

At the same time, according to the consumption needs and desires of the masses, we will make every effort to do a good job in product supply, service guarantee, order maintenance, etc., to ensure the stable operation of the National Day holiday culture and tourism market.

Changsha South Railway Station (data map).

Photo by Zeng Xudong

Close the school gate to ensure the normal study and life of teachers and students on campus

  "The school gate access management is very important and is a key point." Liu Peijun, deputy director and first-level inspector of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said at the meeting that during the National Day holiday, the school must adjust the situation according to the local epidemic situation and policy. Optimize and adjust the management method of school gate access, and guide personnel to enter and leave the campus scientifically and accurately.

While preventing the epidemic, efforts should be made to reduce the impact of the epidemic on school education and teaching, the study and life of teachers and students, and the normal order of the campus.

  Specifically, on the one hand, it is necessary to close the school gate, and earnestly implement the various regulations of school gate management. When entering the school gate, it is necessary to scan the code, check the code, measure the temperature, wear masks scientifically, strictly control the entry of irrelevant personnel, and strictly prevent the input of epidemics outside the school.

On the other hand, it is necessary to meet the reasonable needs of teachers and students to go out to seek medical treatment and go out to do errands, and it is necessary to prevent "layers of overweight" and "excessive prevention and control", especially to prevent the simple practice of "one letter".

  Liu Peijun said that when the school location and campus are free of epidemics and risks, teachers and students should be allowed to enter and leave the campus in an orderly manner.

When there is an epidemic in the location of the school or on the campus, there is a risk. It is necessary to activate the emergency plan and emergency response mechanism, strictly manage the school gate, upgrade the campus management and control, and control the epidemic situation quickly to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students.

At the same time, teachers and students must abide by the management regulations of campus access, and support and cooperate with the school in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control.