On the 28th, a bus carrying elementary school students on a school trip in Ikaruga-cho, Nara Prefecture collided with five cars, injuring five people. I am searching for a bus office in .

The bus driver is believed to have lost consciousness while driving, and police are investigating his work situation.

On the 28th, in Ikaruga Town, Nara Prefecture, a bus carrying 30 6th graders on a school trip from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, protruded into the oncoming lane and collided with 5 cars.

In this accident, a 57-year-old male bus driver was seriously injured, and four men and women in the car that was hit suffered minor injuries.

None of the children on the bus were injured.

The bus's drive recorder showed that the driver lost consciousness just before the accident, so from the 29th the police went to Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where the bus driver works, "Meitetsu Sightseeing Bus". A business office is being searched on suspicion of negligent driving injury.

In an interview with NHK, the Meitetsu Sightseeing Bus explained to the driver that there was no abnormality in the body temperature and breath alcohol test before departure, and that the driver had no medical history.

The police will investigate in detail whether there were any problems with the company's safety management, such as checking the driver's work status and physical condition.

Meitetsu Sightseeing Bus "Confirming the situation"

Nagoya City's Meitetsu Sightseeing Bus said, "We are currently checking the situation, but we will cooperate with the police investigation."