On the morning of the 30th, "Diamond Fuji", where the sun overlaps with the summit of Mt. Fuji, can be seen on Mt. Minobu in Yamanashi Prefecture.

At the summit of Mt. Minobu in Minobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, you can see "Diamond Fuji", where the sun shines on top of Mt. Fuji for a few days in September and March every year.

On the 30th, a special ropeway heading to the summit of Mt. Minobu was operated according to the sunrise, and many people, including tourists from the Tokyo metropolitan area, visited the observation deck at the summit.

The skyline of Mt. Fuji, which can be seen over the sea of ​​clouds, gradually brightened, and after 6:00 am, the sun began to rise from the summit, and it was wrapped in orange light.

People holding their cameras released the shutter all at once to capture the beauty of the moment and put their hands together as the sun rose.

A woman in her 50s from Saitama Prefecture said, "I was able to come to see Diamond Fuji after many years. She was moved."

At Mt. Minobu, the ropeway to the summit will run from early in the morning until October 2nd, and if the weather is good, you will be able to see Diamond Fuji.