A 32-year-old office worker was arrested for breaking into a woman's room in her 20s and installing a small camera in the room in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

It is said that he followed a woman he liked in the city, found a place to live, and broke in while she was away.

Suspect Daichi Hoshi (32), a company employee in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, was arrested.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, in August this year, a woman in her 20s living in Shinjuku Ward was invaded and a small camera was installed in the room. increase.

It is said that he followed a woman he liked in the city and found the house, and broke into the room through the unlocked entrance while the woman was away.

When the Metropolitan Police Department was investigating on suspicion of stalking another woman, it was discovered that he was involved in the victimization of this woman. and has admitted to the allegations.

Multiple women were captured in the seized camera footage, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the relationship, assuming that other women were also aimed at the same trick.