The 31-year-old Gan Jiahua is from Hsinchu, Taiwan. He studied at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has signed a contract with Wuhan Central Hospital and is committed to becoming an excellent urological surgeon.

Gan Jiahua said that after living in Wuhan for 11 years, Wuhan is like his second hometown.

He said that in the future, he also intends to stay in Wuhan to continue to develop and contribute to the medical cause of the motherland.

  In the past ten years, Gan Jiahua has witnessed the transformation of Wuhan, and the most intuitive feeling is the construction of infrastructure.

He remembered that when he first came, there was only one light rail in Wuhan, but now the number of rail transit lines in Wuhan has increased to 11, with trams and BRT express buses extending in all directions, and the roads are clean and wide.

In terms of cultural creativity, art exhibitions, musicals, and talk shows are increasing day by day, and the city has an increasingly international flavor.

  What Gan Jiahua felt most deeply was the changes brought about by the poverty alleviation in the mainland.

He often participates in cross-strait concentric free clinic activities, and has been to remote rural areas in Yingshan, Enshi and other places in Hubei.

He told reporters that when he went to the countryside around 2011, some places were muddy roads and buses could not get in, so he had to walk into the village.

In the past two years, the cement road leads directly to the door of the villagers, and the township health centers are fully equipped with basic inspection and testing equipment, and the villagers' lives and medical treatment have been significantly improved.

Up to now, more than 1,000 Taiwanese youths have interned and started their own businesses in Hubei, more than 300 companies and teams of various types have been registered, and there are 8 national and provincial-level Taiwan youth entrepreneurship and employment bases (counseling centers) and demonstration sites.

(Reporter Zou Hao)

Responsible editor: [Liu Pai]