The mistakes that occur in the case of partial mobilization in Russia pour water on the mill of the Kyiv regime.

“Now Zelensky’s office is concentrating on the anti-mobilization track in order to create panic,” said Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, from the rostrum of the State Duma.

We are talking about the "unreasonable actions" of some responsible persons, which resulted in attempts to mobilize "students, the disabled, pensioners, the sick."

While on the fields of the NWO, “military registration specialty, health, combat experience” are needed.

The parliamentary parties intend to keep the process of partial mobilization under constant control. 

The need for this “triad”, a combination of all three components, was publicly confirmed by the Ministry of Defense in the very first days of partial mobilization, and leading media personalities personally conveyed this to the citizens.

Under your own responsibility.

Thus, partial mobilization became not only a state, but also a public matter.

The executive vertical is already helping him.

There are cases when the governors came to the military registration and enlistment offices and personally checked the personal files of the mobilized in order not to give Kyiv reasons for manipulation. 

However, Zelensky still presses on the anti-mobilization pedal (for nothing, perhaps, did he himself evade service four times?).

You can’t call his nighttime appeals to the Russians (in Russian!) otherwise than manipulations.

In one of the last “carts”, the bloody comedian, who missed the audience, habitually lied that during the mobilization allegedly “primarily citizens of non-Russian nationalities are called up.”

Like, pull the strap for everyone.

He kept silent about the fact that, as a rule, there are more families in the national republics, young people, of course, too, and therefore relatively more men are called from there.

The goal is obvious - to sow inter-ethnic discord and disrupt mobilization. 

Moscow gave its answer to Kyiv already in the UN Security Council.

According to Vasily Nebenzi, no Western propaganda, no sophisticated political technologies will change the readiness of Russians to defend the interests of our Fatherland and protect the weak.

“This will not work in Russia.

Western propagandists have a poor idea of ​​the mentality of the Russian people.

Our people know perfectly well where the truth is and where the lie is, and what they are fighting for, how their grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought for centuries every time an external enemy tried to weaken the Russian state as much as possible,” the diplomat said.

Zelensky's fussy behavior has its own explanation.

Albeit not immediately, but the mobilized servicemen will cover the holes at the front and make the “successes” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine impossible.

Taking into account the loss of four regions by Ukraine (with triumphant voting results), the overall military-political balance will develop clearly not in favor of Kyiv.

Therefore, we must hurry.

On the one hand, try to slow down the pace of partial mobilization in Russia, on the other hand, try to achieve something on the fronts within two to three weeks. 

This is why the nightly TV appearances, and therefore the fierce attacks of the Ukrainian military on the settlements around the Liman in the Kharkiv-Izyum direction.

Kyiv and the West as a whole also have an internal political goal in Russia.

They want to cause embarrassment.

So is it necessary to give the Nazi Kyiv regime an invoice for political sabotage?

Isn't it time for complete honesty, right?

If errors occur, they must be acknowledged and corrected quickly.

It would be nice if the mobilization activities throughout our country were similar to those taking place in Chechnya.

Hundreds of young men, perfectly equipped, cheerful and cheerful, clearly understanding the goals for which they are sent to fight. 

With all the reservations, partial mobilization is generally going well.

When such huge masses of people come into motion, everything does not go perfectly smoothly.

The main thing is that people responded to the call of the state.

Let us recall that only on the very first day, 10,000 people came to the military registration and enlistment offices on their own, without any agenda (young people fleeing across the borders are rather an exception).

If after 2014 someone did not fully understand what was happening, then the seven months of the SVO, the inhuman shelling of civilians by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and especially the referendums, exhaustively demonstrated the essence of the processes: Russian civilization in the broadest sense is fighting for its survival.

It should be understood that the influx of those mobilized to the front and to the adjacent rear areas will sharply reduce the size of our losses.

A powerful fist will cool the ardor of the enemy.

Obviously, now the main task is to increase the equipment of our units with weapons (the meeting of the president with representatives of the military-industrial complex has already passed), improve supply, strengthen logistics services (the deputy minister of defense for logistics has already been replaced), and mobilize industry in the required volumes and forms.

Well, do not forget about the civilian population.

I never get tired of repeating that Russia needs a cultural revolution: it is necessary to flash the entire society from top to bottom with sincere patriotism.

So that there are queues in the military registration and enlistment offices.

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